Cam French

About Cam French

Cam French is a teacher, mentor, former certified director/club proprietor and writer of the game. By day, he is a teacher of developmentally handicapped children for the Toronto District School Board. He has been published in The Bridge World, The Kibitzer and community newspapers. He has not accrued multiple victories in Regional or National events, but claims to be friends with a few who have. He is more of a student of the game than a tournament professional. He plays on-line at (handle Gambit) and recreationally with friends of varying levels.

On this blog site, he hopes to bring personal writings and compelling ones from other players. He is a lover of bridge literature and enjoys sharing that with players of all ranks.  He dialogues frequently with bridge experts especially in reference to his latest story which is a cold case, dating back to events of 1979;  a story which has become a cause célèbre within the expert  bridge community and promises to shed light upon one of the more deplorable acts in ACBL history. He resides in suburban Toronto with his spouse Janice and son Satchel. He can be contacted through this blog or at

He wonders if the ACBL will ever acknowledge in some way, the injustice inflicted upon Zeke Jabbour, Gary Hann, David Sacks, Mike Cappelletti, Ron Feldman and David Hoffner at Norfolk in 1979. Any ideas are invited.