Cam French

If You Could Read My Mind (Love)



                       Gordon Lightfoot – If You Could Read My Mind



I play with a group of friends of varying levels on the odd Friday night. This time there were three seasoned players and one not so.


Our rubber bridge rule is – if a hand is passed out and no part score is on the score sheet then the hand is goulashed. After the deal was tossed in a spectacular deal was generated.

One veteran opposing the other two stared at this lovely collection. None vul.



Seasoned goulie players look to find a fit and will often open with a shorter suit (even with 7-4 for example) and we call that, especially as an opening bid the “goulie game try.”

The auction was spirited.

 S        W         N         E

1H       2NT     4H       6D

7H       Dble     P         P


Well – will you or won’t you? Admit it, you would, so would my grandmother. Declarer redoubled, as KXX in hearts would likely suffice. Alas, it was not that easy.

The ace of spades hit the table and declarer saw:





Shit!@&^%$#!!!!! was all he could say – but he said it out loud.

But such was not to be so easy. If it was, this hand would not be so wonderful.

So, given that your LHO bid 2NT, is it likely that he is void in trumps and Kx in the pocket?

It seemed reasonable to assume the answer was yes, and thus there was only one way to reach the dummy. Look at the layout again.


                                   (N) Dummy











Declarer ruffed the opening spade lead, led a low club and ruffed with the jack of hearts. East pitched the AD!

The 9 of hearts was led and East followed with a low heart. Give that a thought for a second. Now the hand is a complete claim.

This is in the same class of hands as Terrence’s “anti-discovery” play.

Obviously you rise with the ace and prepare to chalk up your plus.

Alas, East, that SOB has given you the Grosvenor Gambit and (deliberately) failed to over-ruff from Kx!

He knew from your very telling bidding (and his hand) that the only thing that mattered was the king of hearts. So he sought to throw you bait, knowing full well you would grab it hook line and sinker. Who wouldn’t take the bait?

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the Grosvenor it was a gambit written up by Frederick Turner in TBW whereby the opponent gives you the opportunity to make the hand, but as you can’t believe he played so stupidly, you naturally assume he didn’t. This was the perfect opportunity.

This was a real deal from a home game. Look for Grosvenor opportunities. Especially in team games, when pulled off they drive the opponents nuts. As well they should.

Some of the facts (but not the hand) may have been altered to protect the guilty.  🙂




Linda LeeDecember 13th, 2010 at 2:39 pm

Grosvenor in 7H redoubled. Not my cup of tea even if it is worth some bragging rights later.

Cam FrenchDecember 17th, 2010 at 1:34 am


You got to let your hair down and enjoy the beauty of the gambit.

Bragging rights?

You will own this guy (and maybe the table) forever! And remember, this is rubber bridge, friends, goulie, the perfect spot.

It takes a rare breed to spot these moments, and they should be celebrated. I dare say we all would have fell for it – hook line and sinker. And that is a coup worthy of celebration.

In the Spingold semi-final it’s a different set of rules. But from the original story it is clear to all that such a ploy is best served in team games.

It keeps them guessing and drives them nuts! And that is the point.

I think all readers would be well-served by reading the original story. Call Jeff at TBW for details.


russellApril 15th, 2015 at 4:21 am

Well it wasn’t mine to begin with. Didn’t lose a thing.

MarioOctober 19th, 2015 at 5:37 am

Not bad at all fellas and galals. Thanks.

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